Boost Sales Effortlessly with Giftcarder

Gain new customers and revenue upfront.

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Eco-friendly & Flexible

Choose our virtual or recycled cards and go guilt-free. Zero waste, carbon-free, and avoid costly, wasteful plastic cards.

Simple & Transparent

Enjoy transparent fees, payment summaries, and one-click redeeming. No card-reading machines needed.

Minimum workload

Offer self-checkout, easy sharing, and partial redeeming. Let customers check their own balance and redeem history.

Top features

Flexible Gift Card Values

Set the price range and let customers pick their preferred value.

All Payment Methods

Accept cash, credit, online payments, Apple Pay, and other methods.

Optional Printouts

Gift cards can be converted from virtual to physical and back.

Instant Status Validation

Check gift card remainder by simply scanning its QR code.

Partial Redeeming

Redeem partially or fully in a single click!

Multi-Location Acceptance

Redeem gift cards across multiple business locations.

Multilingual Support

Cater to a global audience with support for multiple languages.

Easy Setup

Get started in just a few clicks!

  • 1

    Register and setup

    • Complete a simple form.
    • Set up company logo and other preferences.
    • Select a plan to start selling.
  • 2

    Offer gift cards to your customers

    • Display a flier with QR code and print out blank gift cards.
    • Share a link through your website and social networks.

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This is how our clients express their satisfaction.

It's truly satisfying seeing money coming into my account upfront.

Isaac Levy

Restaurant owner & chef

Over 10% of sold gift cards never get used. The rest is usually overpaid.

Olivia Jensen


We're selling almost twice as many gift cards compared to before.

Keisha Jackson

Business owner

This is the best form of advertising. And you get paid for it.

Mei Chen


How it works

Just three simple steps for your customers!

  • 1

    Purchase one or more gift cards

    Choose gift card amount and values.

  • 2

    Please a friend or family member with a gift card

    In a physical form or shared virtually.

  • 3

    Redeem the gift card

    Simply present the gift card before paying.


You can switch between plans easily any time in the future.


  • $8/mo
  • billed yearly
    or $10/mo biannually.
  • $100/mo commission free,
  • then 5% commission.
  • Limited to 4 user accounts.
  • Limited to 1 location.


  • $90/mo
  • billed biannually
    or $108/mo quarterly.
  • $2,250/mo commission free,
  • then 3% commission.
  • 50 user accounts.
  • 5 locations.

For custom plans, additional features, language support, and integrations, feel free to reach out directly or set up a meeting.

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